Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Warm Days

Malcolm & Nigel
Another unseasonably warm day, where Malcolm and Nigel were able to sit on the bed and watch out the open window (their favorite hobby). Soon the windows will need to be closed and the heat turned on, as autumn creeps ever closer to winter. 

Update on the Winston saga! He has been joining the rest of us for dinner time in the kitchen, and has been seen wandering about the house. He even spent an hour or so relaxing on top of the TV cabinet this afternoon! The house maid is doing a pretty good job of keeping Charles from chasing him, and I think Charles is finally tiring of doing it anyway. It seems as if Winston will soon be among us for good, which will make the maid so very happy, as that will mean she can remove the litter box and food/water from the back bedroom!

I have asked the house maid to pick up some wood for a fire, because the weather will surely be turning soon, and I like my fire on a chilly evening. That is all my news for this evening. Till next time...


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