Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Poor Timid Winston!

Timid Winston

 My house maid is quite frustrated today. This issue with Winston has gone on for too long! At first, Charles and Winston got along fine. But when Charles' hormones kicked in, before my maid had a chance to get him to the vet for his little "procedure", he became aggressive... but only towards Winston! Winston is a shy fellow anyway, and he was scared witless when Charles would chase him, growling and hissing! So, to have some level of peace in the house, Winston was housed in the back bedroom, complete with food dish, water and litter box, and the door was kept closed. This went on for a month or two before my maid was able to get the situation rectified. And after that, Charles was no longer aggressive in an angry way, but he still liked to chase Winston... I think he just likes to see him run! So, poor traumatized Winston is still afraid of him, and is still living in the back bedroom, which frustrates my maid, as she would like for Winston to be able to join the rest of us again. She has been working on getting Charles to stop chasing him in a variety of ways, with moderate success. Time will tell if the two of them will every be on friendly terms again! 


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