Selasa, 24 November 2009

"Cat Nap"

My head maid has written a rather quaint poem about cat napping and I thought I would share it with my blogger friends, with her permission, of course.

Cat Nap

Exhaustion catches hold
at the end of an oppressive day.
I seek refuge with my mild feline companions.
They are always there -
quiet slumbering friends.
They lift their sleek heads
and blink slowly at me.
'Don't worry' they say
'Don't let your heart
be troubled'
Primly they rise, and take such utter joy
in stretching their supple limbs.
They wash their faces
with downy dampened paws.
Patiently they wait.
I change out of daytime clothes
put on an old flannel robe.
With relief I crawl onto the couch
and pull a blanket over me.
A stripedy ginger tabby
takes two delicate steps
onto my legs.
He searches my face
with green soulful eyes.
'Are you all right? Have a nap with me -
you'll feel better.'
He turns once and twice.
He kneads, his throat quietly crooning,
assuring me that napping
is the best remedy.
His warm body
and comforting weight
rest upon my legs.
His contented rolling lullaby
soothes me to drowsiness.
My fingers trace the silkiness
along his curving spine.
The world is safe and soft
and gently rumbling.
I can doze off now
and leave the haggard day behind -
suspended in warmth and sleepy sounds,
thankful for my companions
who tenderly purr my weariness away,
restoring peace.

Rabu, 11 November 2009


At long last the fireplace has been lit! I spent a lovely evening on the hassock in front of the warm fire last evening. The very best part of this time of year if you ask me!

Minggu, 08 November 2009

The Striped Contingency

It was a rather warm day for November here on Cape Cod today. I had the maid open the windows for our sitting pleasure. After noon time though, it began to get chilly and she closed the windows again. We probably won't have many more window-opening days now before winter sets in. The striped contingency of the household, namely Malcolm and Winston, found a warm spot on the couch where the maid had taken a nap to sprawl out and relax. She refuses to fold up the blanket and put the pillows away until they decide to get up! Says she doesn't have the heart to disturb them. Well, if it was me doing the cleaning, I wouldn't allow two lazy loafers to delay me in my duties! It is so hard to find good help these days, I suppose I will leave her to her way of doing things. Especially since I saw that she had brought in some LOGS yesterday which means a potential warm fire to sleep in front of any day now!!

Senin, 26 Oktober 2009


Now tell me what is wrong with this picture. Wrong! Nothing is wrong with it! The top of the DVR is a lovely warm place to sit, with a perfect view of the living room, where I can keep my eye out on house mates and servants while I doze. Makes sense, doesn't it? My head maid insists that my hair will filter down through those nice warm holes in the surface and clog up the works inside, shorting out the DVR. She is afraid of bringing it back to the cable company and having them open it up and find it full of my hair! Nonsense!!! I'm sure it will be fine. She needn't shoo me off like she is always trying to do. (I have figured out that the third time in a day that she finds me there is when she gives up) Sometimes it is truly appalling how serving staff treats those of us who actually own the house, don't you agree?

Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

Where's Malcolm?

The three of us decided to take a nice nap this afternoon, but Malcolm didn't join us. I think he was out on the side porch, watching the squirrels scurrying around outside. Since Mia has left us, those fellows have been getting bolder and bolder. I think it annoys Malcolm, as it does me, that they seem to mock us from the front yard as they busily collect their food for the winter. OOOO - did I say "winter"? It is a word my servants don't like to think about. As for me, I look forward to fires in the fireplace, but that's me. This week it has been unseasonably warm, but I doubt that I have long to wait before the kindling and logs will appear in the wood basket by the hearth!

**check out the NEW House of Seven Cats site, created by my head maid!

Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

Unambitious Saturday

Today my head maid had to work most of the day outside of the house, leaving me alone to manage the boys. It really wasn't much of a task, as this is what they did much of the day. Yes, Nigel, Malcolm and Winston definitely lacked anything resembling ambition today. It was a disgrace, really. I mean, I have nothing against the occasional catnap, but to snooze the entire day away..............

Oh dear!!! I see I have been found out! How mortifying!! And to be seen napping with that rambunctiously irritating Winston!! Ah well, I admit that I miss my son Timmy, and Winston reminds me at times of him as a youngster.
Well, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to attempt to inspire some motivation in these boys!!

***p.s. - I have added a link to the *NEW* House of Seven Cats website to my profile page! Though it is listed under "My Web Page", it is maintained by my head maid .... but it is still quite good.