Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

7 Good Reasons for Playing With Your Cat

Enjoying reinforces the bond between you and your cat
Taking part in with your cat is the finest attainable manner to construct up a bond between the two of you. Do you need your cat to suppose of you as extra than somebody who is there to present meals, shelter and heat? Then common play classes will go a lengthy manner to guaranteeing that your feline pal sees you as an object of his or her affections, that you are somebody to greet when you arrive residence.
Do not let your cat assume that your fingers are playthings. If your cat will get the message that it is OK to scratch at, or chunk your arms, you will have the devils personal job of curing him of the behavior.

Enjoying will assist stopping your cat from changing into obese
The greatest approach to guarantee that your cat does not grow to be obese is by feeding him accurately with a balanced eating regimen, however train additionally performs a half in retaining your kitty wholesome. If yours is an indoor cat, then enjoying with you could be his solely alternative for exertion and staying trim. Do not overdo it although, restrict play time to about 15 minutes.

Enjoying will assist your cat to turn into assured
Kittens be taught how to relate with their siblings and different cats by way of play, it is their social training, how they be taught their place in the world. Assist you cat to proceed this enlightenment by taking part in with him.
Additionally common play durations, coupled with petting periods, will get your cat used to human interplay, he will be much less doubtless to shy away and disguise, when guests name. gambar lucu

Enjoying will assist your cat develop his looking talents
Searching is a pure intuition for all cats, a cat confined to indoors normally has little likelihood to categorical and develop this intuition. Take pleasure in some of your play instances utilizing an interactive cat toy, the sort with a catnip mouse on the finish of a twine are good. Encourage kitty to chase the toy mouse, enable him to pounce for the 'kill'.
Have a choice of cat toys however use solely three or 4 in one session, subsequent time amuse your feline with a completely different selection. Maintain some toys solely for play periods, put them away between occasions, so that they stay fascinating to your cat. Toys like catnip mice can be safely left out for kitty to amuse himself with, however be conscious that small objects can, and do, get swallowed by cats. By no means encourage taking part in with buttons, items of string, small bells and so on. Plastic luggage are as harmful for cats as they are for youngsters, and are not playthings.

Enjoying will assist your cat launch aggression
Cats typically show aggressive traits by way of boredom. Tutor your cat not to scratch, chew or assault you with play periods. Use reward to reward your cat for taking part in gently, as quickly as he exhibits any signal he is about to use his tooth or claws - finish the play session. This will educate your cat that aggressive cat conduct is greatest directed to his toys, and not you!

Enjoying is 'Enjoyable' for your cat
Cats want enjoyable in their lives, simply like people want it. Relieve the monotony of consuming, snoozing and utilizing the litter tray by placing a bit of enjoyable in your cats life. You will have a happier, extra assured and much less aggressive kitty. cara mengusir tikus

Enjoying is 'Enjoyable' for you
And lastly, it is enjoyable for you to play with your cat. A cat is a fantastic pet simply to have round the place to admire its magnificence and for its firm. However how a lot higher for you to take pleasure in a little enjoyable by taking part in with your cat. Cat playtime, good for your cat, good for you!

Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013

Satisfying Summer

Malcolm and Nigel
Hello friends, and I do hope that you're all enjoying the summer as much as I am. The days here on Cape Cod have been, for the most part, pleasantly warm and sunny, if not a tad on the hot side. I have spent a glorious summer catching up on my napping, which has been a blessing, after my health scare of last spring! The best news is that all signs of both infection and cancer are gone and I am feeling fit as a fine feline should! I'm told that I don't look anywhere near my 16 years, and certainly I have felt the return of my youth this summer. 

The photo is of my housemates Malcolm (tabby) and Nigel, who are best of  friends and tend to pal about all day together. Here they are sitting on the stool, covered with a soft blanket, that the maid puts by the screen door when she is at home during the summer months. We all love to take turns sitting in this prized spot to watch the world go by on a leisurely summer afternoon. The maid snapped this candid shot from the front steps!

I have a few words of wisdom to impart to my readers before I close out this summer update. I have learned, through the trial of having a very bad bladder infection and a cancerous tumor on my abdomen, that VETS (yes, I said the word out loud!) really are what our human friends are always trying to tell us.... while they may be annoying, difficult, and a bit scary, they really are trying to help us, and when our human friends take us there it is out of love for us that they do so. Try to remember this the next time you are coerced into visiting yours. It won't make the visit any more pleasant (they DO insist on poking so, don't they?), but rest assured that you are loved and well cared for. 

I shall end here for now with end-of-summer greetings to all my feline and human friends out there in the catosphere, and best wishes for an enjoyable transition soon to fall.


Senin, 03 Juni 2013

Happy News!

Hello again, and here is a photo of myself napping with young Charles, of whom I am actually quite fond. 

Well, I have some favorable news to share...
my tumor was removed two weeks ago, and Friday I had the annoying stitches removed! There is no telling if the cancer is all gone or not, and no indication as to how much precious time I have left to live. But, the tumor is gone off my abdomen, which is a good thing, as it was growing rapidly. My maid is quite relieved and admonishes me to live at least one more year so she can get her money's worth! The nerve! (Apparently the cost of the laser surgery that I underwent was exorbitant.)

At any rate, we are still waiting for news from the v** as to whether or not the infection I had has been cleared by the three week course of antibiotics that I was forced to endure. If so, then I will be declared healthy and no more trips to the v** in the foreseeable future for me!

I do hope that everyone is enjoying the spring, which is rapidly turning to summer now.... the evening fires have stopped for the time being, but I'm relishing morning naps in patches of bright sunlight every day instead. The "boys" of the household have been attempting to regulate their behavior to something close to tolerable while I've been ill... so all is right with the world!


Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

Difficult Times

A photo of me taken recently
Well, I've been incommunicado for a time, but my dear house maid has been busy doing whatever it is that she does on this computer, and as I have no idea how to use the laptop, I've had to put my own meanderings on hold. 

However, I think it is time I made a showing, as I have some rather difficult news to announce. My house maid noticed that there was a lump on my chest area and took me to the v**. She told the v** that she had also noticed lately that I've been drinking extra lots of water. Well, the v** did this and that and poked and prodded (as they will do) and took some kind of "tests". 

Turns out that I have a severe uti infection (not sure what that is, exactly), and I am in beginning stages kidney failure, and the lump on my chest is cancer, although that is early stage as well. 

My maid was given antibiotic liquid to give me for the infection, as nothing else can be treated, apparently, until that is cleared up. Needless to say, I was NOT fooled when she put it on my food, even when she presented me with white albacore people tuna, which I normally adore. I simply refused to eat it, and she knows better than to try to put it directly in my mouth.

So, back to the v** we went, and I was rewarded for my selective tastes with a shot of time-release antibiotic, and then 2 weeks later another one! According to my maid, the v** says that my infection is improving, and I have an appointment sometime in April (my maid refuses to tell me when!) for a re-evaluation of my condition.

All in all, I'm content with whatever my fate will be. I know in my heart that my maid has loved me all these years and that she will do what she can for my comfort. But with my 16th birthday only weeks away, lets face it, I'm no spring kitten! She cries, off and on, and is treating me with extra kindness, which I appreciate, but I wish she wouldn't cry. The price of love is loss.

I will endeavor to keep my friends updated with my progress, and in the meantime I will be carefully considering which of the four boys in my household I will entrust with continuing my blog. My maid snapped a photo of one of them, Winston, this afternoon that I thought rather charming:

At any rate, I'll leave you with a poem that I wrote about my maid, who is herself a poet of some repute. Perhaps I still have a year or two left in me to spend with her. Perhaps not. Time will tell.


A Poet's Friend

My home is where a poet dreams
of love and life and lore in verse.
When tumbling words elude, it seems
her calm and tranquil thoughts disburse.

But in a quiet reverie,

when words give way to weary sighs,
I come to share my poetry-
a murmur; gentle, soft and wise.

The poet's fingers, tired and curled,

find comfort in my sable coat
my soothing rumble smooths the world,
so poet's dreams can lift and float.

I wish that I could pause and stay-

my time with her is almost through.
Old age is calling me away.
I loved her well. I'm sure she knew.

Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Waiting for Summer

Winston at the Door
The weather has been nice lately, though not as warm as my maid would have it. She has taken to putting the cat scratch stools by the screen door and covering them with a blanket so that we can sit there and gaze out the door. Here is a picture of Winston, enjoying the view. I don't sit there much, but Charles seems to love to watch the birds from this new favorite spot! He insists that one day he is going to catch one, but I don't pay him any attention! He and Winston do enjoy the open door, though. They can have it! 

My favorite person was here last week for a visit - my maid's eldest daughter who lives in some far-away place called California. It was wonderful to see her again, and I was like a piece of velcro, stuck to her all week! I have adored her since I was a kitten.

It is the consensus of the household that I am fairly deaf now, but I don't really mind. All part of being a senior, I suppose. Less chatter to bother about, anyway! Much quieter for successful napping!

Hoping all is well with all of you, out in the cat blogosphere. Enjoy the coming of summer!


Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Nigel and I

Nigel and I
Nigel and I had a nap on the futon this afternoon, which was very refreshing. Normally, Nigel spends his time (and his naps) with Malcolm, but Malcolm was busy sitting on the stool that the maid placed before the screen door for him to look out, along with Charles. Why those two are so interested in that front yard, I just don't understand! I'd much rather be napping. 

No more talk of going  to the (v-word), but I have a feeling the maid is plotting against me. It's funny, the other felines here call her Mama, but to me she'll always be the maid. (My own mother was a beautiful seal point Siamese named Violet!) After all, she needs to remember that I am in charge of this household! (I don't think she doubts it, actually.) 

p.s. - not sure how many of you may have seen this video, but it is quite a charming display by a smart little cat!

Senin, 07 Mei 2012

A Little Bit of Worry

Charles in the Window
Today was warm enough to have the windows open for the fresh air. Charles loves to sit in the window and watch the birds. He thinks he can catch one, but I know better!

My house maid is concerned for me. Apparently she has concluded that I don't hear very well anymore. She calls to me and makes loud noises and I don't turn. I've had a chronic yeast infection in my ears for many years that is un-treatable (because I refuse to let her do it!), so she is not sure if that has damaged my hearing or what. But hey, I'm 15 years old, I could just be getting hard of hearing. I did manage to hear her talking to her daughter about taking me to the (v-word), but I hope she doesn't go to that extreme. I'm perfectly happy, and it just means I don't have to listen to her chattering at me all the time! Honestly, half the time she doesn't make any sense anyhow.

Getting old for a cat is probably very similar to humans experience of it. One thing after another seems to go. At least I still have my looks, I know that. And my appetite is as healthy as ever! My maid complains about her memory going, but I'm as sharp as a tack. So there!