Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Nigel and I

Nigel and I
Nigel and I had a nap on the futon this afternoon, which was very refreshing. Normally, Nigel spends his time (and his naps) with Malcolm, but Malcolm was busy sitting on the stool that the maid placed before the screen door for him to look out, along with Charles. Why those two are so interested in that front yard, I just don't understand! I'd much rather be napping. 

No more talk of going  to the (v-word), but I have a feeling the maid is plotting against me. It's funny, the other felines here call her Mama, but to me she'll always be the maid. (My own mother was a beautiful seal point Siamese named Violet!) After all, she needs to remember that I am in charge of this household! (I don't think she doubts it, actually.) 

p.s. - not sure how many of you may have seen this video, but it is quite a charming display by a smart little cat!

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