Senin, 23 April 2012

A Milestone

Well, it has finally happened. I've officially reached old age! I had my 15th birthday this month, complete with a tuna fish cake, made for me by my maid and enjoyed by myself and my house mates. I must say, I think I look pretty good for an old gal! (this embarrassing photo was taken by my maid when I was bathing!) My house mates, Malcolm, Nigel, Winston and Charles are all well. Winston has transitioned nicely back into the household, and now he and Charles are the best of friends. You'd never know there had been so much friction between them! It is still cold up here on Cape Cod, though there have been a few days warm enough to have the windows open. My maid kindly puts pads on the window sills so we felines can sit and look out and get some fresh air. But, most nights are still chilly enough to enjoy the fireplace, which, of course, I love. My maid is well, and her daughter is still around, though she will be heading off to college in the fall (not sure exactly what college is, but once the other two children went there, we didn't see much of them anymore). There is word that my favorite of my maid's children will be coming home from California for a visit in June, which I very much look forward to. Well, at least now that I'm 15 I can legitimately share my years of wisdom with my friends. And pull rank on my house mates, but I've been doing that for years anyway! Hope all of you are having a pleasant spring.

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