Minggu, 25 September 2011

Good News and Bad News

Me, helping one of the maids do her homework

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. My housemaid has been downsized at her other job, so apparently she's going to be working from home and trying to make ends meet writing God knows what on the computer. Which is the bad news. Not so much her job, I personally think she needs to spend more time working her full-time job here - this house gets out of control at times, and it's most annoying! Not to mention she'll be hogging the computer when I need to blog. Which brings me to the good news.... at least she will be here and about, when inspiration strikes me, and I'm fairly sure I can convince her to take a break from her work and take my dictation. Time will tell on that one.

Things are slowing down here at the House of Seven Cats (now down to five, but we like the name). Fall will make its appearance soon, and I for one am looking forward to long naps by a crackling fire again. The "issue" between Charles and Winston continues....... what, I didn't blog about the "issue"?? *SIGH* Well, it's a long story, so I'll save it for the next entry to go into the details. Trust me when I say that it has been quite a trial, and has at times made this house almost unlivable! Apart from those two, Nigel and Malcolm are doing well, I suppose. It is always a challenge for me to get by in a household with four male felines, and I the only lady! But, as you know, I never complain. I'm far too sophisticated to stoop to such a base level as to complain.

I do look forward to catching up with all the news of  my fellow feline bloggers over the next days and weeks. Best wishes to you all, wherever you are, and thank-you for stopping by to read my meanderings....

Sincerely Yours


From my housemaid: Awesome article about understanding cat speak! With video examples! Too cool!

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